Ann Beck is a highly qualified professional in the fields of clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, and hypnobirthing. With a master’s in clinical hypnotherapy, she provides exceptional services to her clients. Ann has also worked as a lecturer, sharing her knowledge with aspiring professionals in clinical hypnotherapy, counselling, and community welfare. As an accredited supervisor for counsellors, and clinical hypnotherapists, she plays a vital role in ensuring ethical standards and professional growth in the industry. Her expertise and experience have earned her recognition and trust from colleagues and mentees.

Ann is a certified Goulding SleepTalk for children ™ coach and trainer, since 1999 to build self-esteem and unlock potential in children. She is also an accredited hypnobirthing practitioner, assisting parents in achieving natural and pain-free births. Ann specialises in working with men, addressing their unique challenges, and fostering positive change. She offers support in personal growth areas, such as improving relationships, overcoming smoking addiction, weight loss, and improved health. Ann currently operates her private practice in Williamstown as a consultant, where she utilises clinical hypnosis, and counselling to help individuals improve their mental well-being.

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